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Take a moment out of your busy day and relax at Café Gaspé. Sit down and enjoy one of our sensational specialty coffees or one of our finest tea blends made exactly how you like it by our team of professional baristas.

Café Gaspé takes great pride in the quality of the coffee we serve and the products and that we offer. Our delicious sandwiches and tasty baked goods are made throughout the day and our coffee is always ground moments before brewing; making everything as fresh as possible.

We are always willing to take that extra step to make sure all our customers leave with a smile on their face and quality is never compromised.

We believe that variety is the key to a healthy and happy lifestyle; our menu is constantly changing and expanding to satisfy our customers and we are always looking for new, nutritious recipes. All of our products are market fresh and our menu goes hand in hand with a health conscience lifestyle.

Café Gaspe also offers full catering for events in the Montréal area.